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I haven't actually SEEN Ellie's infamous green penny yet but had to see if I could find a green penny on google. Sure enough...here was a good one. Although I get the feeling it's not nearly as good as Ellie's!

Nothing makes me happier than logging into my facebook page and seeing comments about finds from my friends.  ESPECIALLY when they post gems like this:

Ellie’s Notes from the field (April 28, 2010)

Here’s my latest penny story:

I walk to work the same way everyday, I’m definitely a creature of habit. This makes looking for pennies interesting, because when I find one I wonder how many days I’ve walked by it before I could see it. Yesterday, I was at the corner of 14th and P Street waiting to cross, I look down and see this green circle. I hesitate and then decide it’s gum not a penny. I cross the street and continue my journey to Starbucks.

This morning, I’m walking as I always do and I find a nice shiny penny at 14th and Rhode Island. This reminds me of the gum from yesterday, I just can’t seem to let it go. I walk to 14th and P look down, still there. Still looks like gum, but I say to hell with it, and pick it up. IT WAS A PENNY! The most oxidized, old, dirty penny, but a penny nonetheless. Just goes to show you can never be sure and it doesn’t hurt to get a little dirty.

Best. Penny. Ever.

 Yeah, it’s official.  I have the greatest friends on the planet!  Or should I say…

Best. Friends. EVER!


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