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First of all, I am a person who thinks it’s a little silly to talk about yourself in the 3rd person…so I am just going to write this and tell you who I am like we’re chatting a bit. Weird, right?! Wanting to talk to people instead of at them or about them?! Consider it the first of my many quirks! I could give you a whole list of things I’ve done or titles I’ve achieved but in reality, that isn’t at all who I really am. Not that those things aren’t interesting and noteworthy (if you would like to see some of them, you can check out the random accomplishments & factoids I’ve got on my website) but they don’t tell you who I am TODAY. As I start THIS journey. Or about my desire to share a deeply personal experience that I never in a million years thought would be something I shared in public. So that’s what I want to share in this space. A bit about who I am right NOW! As I write this, I am a 37-year-old girl. Lots of people rail against the word girl…but that’s who I am. Yes, I am also a woman with deep passions & fiery intensity. But at my core, in the deepest parts of my soul, I am a girl who loves to play, wants to keep seeing things with fresh eyes, and lives life OUT-freakin’-LOUD both consciously & unapologetically. I’ve tried changing these things to make others happy…but then I realized when qualities are this deep within you, it’s better to embrace them, live them, & let the Universe bring you the people who DO want those qualities rather than trying to pretend you’re something you’re not. I am complete & whole…AND I am also looking for my true match. An equal. A playmate. Someone ready for a new twist in his journey & a remarkable person to share it with. FYI–I am also remarkable. Didn’t know that when I started this…but I discovered it in the process. Quite exciting to realize, actually. To wake up one day and notice, “Huh…I’m remarkable. Who knew?!” I’m scared. These Soul Notes were something I thought I would share with the person I attracted into my life by consciously becoming clear on who he was…NOT what I imagined would be the content of a blog! Somewhere along the way people saw what I was doing (hard to conceal when you do one every night, rain or shine, no matter where you are) and asked if they could read them. The response was so overwhelmingly positive I began to share selected notes more often when they were inspired by what was going on with individuals or groups I was sharing experiences with. And now, 518 Soul Notes into whatever it is I’m doing, I feel ready to share this journey more publicly. It’s scary because these notes come from an open, vulnerable place deep within me. But I’ve decided that perhaps it is being vulnerable & open that was the real purpose of this journey anyway…not just to dream into existence a rockstar soul mate. Although I’m hoping that eventually happens too! And perhaps the scariest part of all…sharing my 3rd-grade level artwork (I am sorry to any 3rd graders that last comment may have offended). I’m a 37-year old doing stick figures & doodles…in crayon, no less. Picaso, I am not. Some of the drawings are freakishly bad…but that makes me love this process all the more. Because just when I am convinced I have nothing good left to say and couldn’t possibly come up with anything else worth drawing, the most magical things appear on my 3×5 cards. And that’s when I realize the good stuff doesn’t come from my head…but from opening my heart to connect with something bigger. And when I feel that connection, there are no mistakes. And there ya have it…a little bit about me as I peek my head out from under the covers and start the day sharing my Soul Notes. If you find yourself inspired to share this journey with me or to create a similar journey of your own, I would LOVE to hear from you!!! Check out the contact page for how to connect or comment on posts that feel particularly important for you. Whatever journey you are on, I thank you for sharing this part of my life with me! With much appreciation & love, ♥ Leslie

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